Saturday, January 06, 2007

speeding cars

The car pulled up to Tania's flat and Martin was already opening the door,a mug of tea in his head.Tania threw some notes at the driver and walked slowly towards the rectangle of light,feeling more exhausted with each step.She stepped into Martin's open arms and leaned her head on his chest,sniffing his familiar scent of toast,fags and soap,simple pleasures,Martin's smell.

'Hey,' he said gently,juggling tea and a free arm.'Plum tuckered out,are you?'
Tania nodded.
'Hot bath and a stiff Vodka?'
Tania shook her head,not knowing why she felt tearful.
'How about a good seeing to from a blond Adonis who's been slaving over a hot computer for hours and only produced some jokes that Jim Davidson would call unsubtle?'
Tania didn't move her head at all.
'Hey,' Martin said again,'What's up?'
Tania didn't know what to tell him.What was up was that she wished he would call her jaan.


Hira said...

life isn't all ha ha hee hee

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Hira said...

anum says : haan i was wondering where that book was..sambhaal ker rakhna , i love it.