Saturday, February 24, 2007

A day in the life of-

So I've been thinking,and some ten odd years down the line,this is what has come to mind regarding me and my two oldest best friends.(This blog is particularly intended for those who are scrutinizing my blog as we speak,a bit too closely than I would have expected.Enjoy,you)

Occupation:Housewife of flana flana dude ( I don't quite know who he is yet),with two kids.Rich,bored,socializes with other weird rich people.Has a poodle named Fifi.Fifi is stuffed.
Nature:Good-humoured woman,who has managed to retain her overt innocence,her beautiful beady eyes and one hot body.(Yes,I'm gay for her,go figure).She is boundless and big-hearted,laughs easily but still is a tad proper.Has the innate ability to love unconditionally,yet still doesn't know how to hug.
Hobbies:Enjoys applying lip gloss in her free time and shopping for fashion accessories such as gold belts and flip-flops that make her feet look heinous.
Wardrobe:Anything ranging from ABCD to Karma to road-side random darzi.As long as they make her look good and know which lace should go where.Ooh Levi's too please,she's very Levi's.
Food:Carrots and samosay.
Music:Omer Inayat,Black Eyed Peas,Sean Paul,Udit Narayan.
Noticeable Trait:Walks with a hunched back.
'Yaar suno..woh na..'(so on and so forth)

Occupation:A lawyer for a huge jewellery company (read Bailey Banks and Briddle),also has two kids with a husband she either doesn't talk to much,or is as busy as she is.(We dont know yet,this is a hypothetical future=p)
Nature:Demure,polite,enthusiastic to succeed.A bit too enthusiastic perhaps.Rarely talks to anyone outside of family (of course that changes when me and manno are around).She loves with a passion she is smart enough to tame into hibernation for at least a several million years.Strictly follows her principles and ethics that even Jesus over-looked.
Hobbies:Enjoys reading,walking,being in control of her life.Fooling with her hair,dieting.
Wardrobe:Calvin Klein shoes,Nine West purse,Coach wallet,Micheal Kors pants,Ann Taylor cashmere blouse,Prada glasses,Quartz watch.Always looks like she's just stepped out of 'Office Weekly'.
Food:Coffee,dry stale stuff.(She must stay skinny).(Chocolate hidden deep inside her freezer).
Music:Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,Lifehouse,U2,lotus music...(you know,music that makes you float).
Noticeable Trait:Smiles without knowing it.
Quotes:'I don't meet without appointments'
'Where's my copy of 'Crime and Punishment'?'

Occupation:Biological scientist by day,actress/director/free-lance writer by night.Married or dating (still not sure,remember this is hypothetical.Manno may not even be hot anymore).Either lives in a big white house resembling a mental instituition or a cardboard box on the street.Loud,spontaneous,clumsy.Goes with the flow most of the time.Pokes strangers,has no inhibitions whatsoever.
Hobbies:Writing,reading,people-watching,make up,designer clothes and jewellery.
Wardrobe:Ranges from sleek and elegant to casual bathroom-cleaning day.Balenciaga,H & M,Chanel,Bebe.Marc Jacobs.
(Except Chinese,Thai and Japanese)
(Except heavy/death metal)
Noticeable Trait:Bursts randomly into song.Out of key.
Quotes:'Warning:Blonde Thinking'

Ten years down the line,no matter how funny, sad,or busy they may be,they will always be the trio that was.And stay that way.I mean,in all seriousness,I've known you guys way too longer than I should have=p.Thank you though,for omg NEVER changing.Accepting me as my crazy,random self and recognizing that I AM the black sheep of the group and that I need to be sheltered and loved and made fun of like only you guys can do.Ok,this is sounding more and more like a public apology straight out of the Hollywood Hills.kbye.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

promise what you will

Love is waiting for a better day.Maybe it won't thrive in frozen ponds and picnic fields where the grass is too long to place the checkered blanket on.Maybe it will be too still next to the broken pearl necklace on the mahogany table.Too restricted alone in the room with the mismatched furniture.Confused when it can't find its way back to the mountains.It needs to jump over picket fences,run into hedges and pick grapes ripe enough for Merlot.Smile into the deep gorge holding a bunch of flowers from the sidewalk.Lights flashing,catching every curve perfectly.The crooked smile,brown spirited eyes.The stuffed animal in the background.So it becomes a picture you can hug.A chorus you can sing.A rug that complements the emptiness of the room.A memory you stash in your already full drawer.A secret ingredient you add as a finishing touch.A wrong road that leads you home.

'we'll meet again'.