Sunday, February 18, 2007

promise what you will

Love is waiting for a better day.Maybe it won't thrive in frozen ponds and picnic fields where the grass is too long to place the checkered blanket on.Maybe it will be too still next to the broken pearl necklace on the mahogany table.Too restricted alone in the room with the mismatched furniture.Confused when it can't find its way back to the mountains.It needs to jump over picket fences,run into hedges and pick grapes ripe enough for Merlot.Smile into the deep gorge holding a bunch of flowers from the sidewalk.Lights flashing,catching every curve perfectly.The crooked smile,brown spirited eyes.The stuffed animal in the background.So it becomes a picture you can hug.A chorus you can sing.A rug that complements the emptiness of the room.A memory you stash in your already full drawer.A secret ingredient you add as a finishing touch.A wrong road that leads you home.

'we'll meet again'.


Sla. said...
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Usman said...

You are delightful. Sheer poetry. Please keep writing more...

Sla. said...

Pleiades, princess
"See ye not courtesy
Is the true alchemy
Turning to gold all it tries and touches?"
G. Meredith
This is a call. I might make another soon
Ta, Chocice.