Sunday, May 27, 2007


So it is the evening of the 25th of May and I am frantically getting ready,obviously wanting to look my best,and Lacey is raising her eyebrow at me in the background.I know its going to be a classy affair,the cello and acoustic-ness just shout it out.I dress up and Lacey dresses down to balance me out and we're walking out on the streets of D.C.She knows her way around,so I follow.We stop at Coci to eat,which by that time I'm freaking out and muttering under my breath 'we're late,we're late,we're late,we're late'.So she gives in to my whining and we start our 'long and perilous journey' to 6 blocks down the road.I'm walking fast to keep up with her long legs as she leads the way and motorcyclists make their way noisily past us.We stop at 17th Street to wait for the light to green for pedestrians when madam decides she wants a smoke.So we're still standing and waiting and I'm absolutely exasperated because its five minutes to 7 and I know there's going to be a line and I have made a mental note to forgive her if we're late.I look to my left while thinking all these thoughts,and watch the people on bicycles creating a sort of breeze for me on that hot evening.I look at the most amiable one of the lot,and my stomach does a funny flip flop.It's Damien Rice.

I look at him strangely,causing him to wink,smile and wave at the same time.I am astonished at how well I recognize him despite the fact that he's completely dressed as a tourist.Obviously,my mind is unable to form any sort of word combination till after he leaves,after which all I can say is '*pant pant pant pant* it's HIM *pant pant* I SWEAR',and Lacey being Lacey doesn't give a rat's ass and the Indian woman standing with us at the light gives her that 'you-do-realize-that-your-friend-belongs-in-a-mental-instituition-and-not-on-the-streets-of-D.C' look.So basically I'm skipping my way towards the venue and Lacey's smoking in my face to calm me the fuck down.

It is exactly the kind of classy I thought it'd be.Seated hall,lots of wine,and dressed-up couples.The stage is dimly lit with (electronic) candles and I'm sitting alone with a bunch of couples.He comes on stage wearing the same shirt he was bicycling in and it causes me to grin,cause I obviously know something no one else does.I don't think I need to go deep into detail as to how completely amazing the entire experience was,people shouting random stuff from the crowd 'My boyfriend is in love with you!' to 'I'll have your babies!' to 'Your initials make you a doctor!'.It was a much more entertaining show then I expected it to be,minus couples making out and the fact that Lisa Hannigan and Vyvienne Long weren't there.Yet it doesn't change the fact that he's still Damien Rice.He was funny,energetic,angry,comfortable,and breath-taking in all his glory.I hope he climbs further than he intends to.

And she may cry like a baby
And she may drive me crazy
'Cause I am lately, lonely..

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