Thursday, May 03, 2007

the father

Me and my father have a very love/hate relationship.I got everything,from his stubborness to his generosity to his stupidity to his poor use of words.But I have the fiery personality of my mother,which is obviously why we clash.However,I do retain that I am the only person in the house and probably even in the world,who gets along with him at a most amazing level.I'm a very showy person when it comes to feelings,I have no regard for anyone when I want to point out a mistake or something I don't approve of.Same goes for showing love.I still occasionally like to sit on my dad's lap,and I have a way of getting things done my way.But its only very very rare that I say thank you.I think people throw out their thank-yous without thinking of the deepness of it.So I retain mine for only very special moments.Here is an example of one such rare moment,and how my father is as nonchalant and aloof about the world as I am.

'So that was a really nice talk.Thank you,daddy' =)
'Man, I'm hungry.This sucks.'

(oh well)

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