Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sometimes,if I'm sitting alone and thinking about what to do the very next minute,I can actually feel the dirtiness of my feet.Like when you don't put on shoes while going to the bathroom,or when the stairs need vacuuming,or when you're lying on new bedsheets.The feeling of being impure yet humane is something I will probably never understand.

He enters the elevator,smelling nice,red hair pushed back and shoelaces tied.He knows he must get through this,for the sake of his friend,and it really doesn't matter anyway.For once,he was neither high nor sleepy.Best make the best of the free time he had before he crawled back into his lair,back into his world of elephants and drawings that meant nothing to no one.

You know,I always wondered what you might've looked like when you were a child'
He didn't even realize there was someone else in the elevator.She giggled.
Beg your pardon?'
'Its your eyes.They're big.And big eyes tend to stick,you know.'
'Never mind'

Silence,as the floor turns from 13 to 15.
He clears his throat just to feel the air vibrating.

I'm not going to go into how happy I am to meet you or how wonderful your music is or how amazing you might be in person because here you are standing with me and that makes you more human than I am.Plus you're shorter than I expected you to be.'
He breathes silently.Sometimes..well,many times,he didn't know how to interact with people.Especially when they didn't mention his music.

15 to 17.

You're going to lose a die-hard fan if you don't say something quick.Not that it matters to you but I'd really like to know if you ever come out of that little box of yours'
He swallows hard.Maybe he should've been high.
Are you going to the roof party?'
'Heh.Look at me honey.I'm a tall girl alone in an elevator with my favorite singer in the whole world.If I'm being a total bitch to him,do you think I believe in roof parties?Negative.'
'Some party you're going to if you're dressed like that.'

19.And the elevator stops.

Have fun.And if you're lucky,I'll remember this lovely conversation till I can't remember anything else'

The elevator door closes as he watches her saunter off down the hallway.
6 more floors to go.

Years later he wrote 'Lovely Conversation' for the world and she knew.

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