Monday, June 04, 2007

Everyone grows up singing.To nursery rhymes,cartoons,television advertisements,then finally,to songs.I always used to overlap words,roll them up in my tongue,basically hear them wrong so they would take the form of a new,mythilogical and exotic meaning that you could interpret at your own will.It was wonderful.It was the world where lyrics couldn't be found on the internet, more precisely I didn't know what the internet was.A world where two-minute previews summed up a version of the entire song in my head and I would sway all along the house singing lyrics I thought would possibly fit.It was wonderful.And so goddamn depressing when I found out what it actually was.'Oh';would be my reaction.Now everyone in the world knew what it was and what it meant and what it should mean and what words do fit.I wouldn't say I was crushed,more...down if anything.But then of course came the feeling (with older years) that wow,maybe someone in the world is singing the exact same line from this very song and possibly feeling the same rush and emotion the music pounding in my ears is giving me.



Zh~* said...

test comment

Mystic Bard said...

Subhanaallah.Your writing is as persnickety as it's innocent.