Saturday, June 16, 2007

Normally when I get pissed off,its pretty simple.Just stay the fuck away,and no one gets hurt.But maybe because I'm having the most weirdest week is why I guess I'm the one who should stay away from everyone.I am developing a very unique ability to hit only raw nerves,just for fun.Its not getting me anywhere,and its definitely not nice to tell people off when you're the one who should be told off.I am doing the one thing I absolutely despise other people for doing.Complaining.

But why it works is cuz I have absolutely nothing else to talk about.Kya ghar se kaam,kaam se ghar,school,paisay ki kami,pizza.That's the truth of my current state of social life.I don't know what to say when people ask 'what's up?'.I mean,wtf am I supposed to say to tha?I got stuck in 29 traffic cuz a dumb fuck hit a deer?My only friends are probably the pictures of random people on my wall.And Lacey,cuz she doesn't really care and we watch old VHS's at her place.But other than that,koi bhi nahin hai.Moe,Chuggi,Beebs,Manno,Mani,Rasti,Saba,Complan.Sab ko naraaz kar diya hai.

When Mom gets pissed off,there's a certain stench in the air.I've always been the defensive/emotional one when it comes to fights.I tell people theu don't understand,which is mostly true cuz it makes perfect sense in my head and I'm in no mood to explain.Fooki says I don't have a big enough heart to take comments.I looked at him weirdly cuz that was possibly the only comeback I had.I blame my gene when it comes to taking criticism,which is probably why I shouldn't even think about being a celebrity.Imagine how many hours I'd spend in the bathroom crying if someone commented on my extremely volumized hair.

Yes,that is exactly how shallow I am.

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