Saturday, June 23, 2007

Skin turning more and more brown even though the sun is well-hidden behind ivory clouds.Fluffy,disconnected ivory clouds.I wonder why you can sit outside here in June and not there.The guitar in this song strums rather ordinarily,I can imagine any Tom,Dick or Harry playing it.Yet the little man has done it again.The little man who may or may not have made it with the long-haired girl.I can't wait to get out of school though.It'd feel so good to run in this wind.I got silver disco shoes/heels.The ones my father says will make my posterior bigger than it already is.He forbade them so I wore silver flip-flops instead.With matching earrings and eyeshadow.Time is contagious,and everybody's getting old.I feel like jumping up and down to this song (*points down*).

Must it make you smell like
Fruity nuts and good grains

*jumps up and down*

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