Thursday, June 14, 2007

Victory Rose

I wish they knew what they were doing to me.
Right at this time.
Right at this very moment.
Where if I close my eyes just the right way,I can see the sun setting in the horizon.
How I have no fear in falling off the cliff I'm standing on.Because the horizon is the last thing I'd have seen,their music the last thing I'd have heard,the earth the last thing I'd had touched.Nothing could be more sacred than this..nothing.The sky above me,the water beneath me and the universe inside me.I want every moment in my life to be defined by the vision I just had.A view so absolutely peacful that it would make me crack helplessly inside.Make me feel like I am nothing compared to what I'm seeing.Just imagining how beautiful it would breath-taking.They feature nature in their videos,nature,my favorite thing in the whole whole world.Even more favorite than chocolate.More than writing,more than being.Nature.Something you can grasp and nurture and blend in with and it will do the same to you.Grey skies,green fields,sharp rocks and the wind.Oh,the wind.Standing there,I will be the wind.And again,every happiness that may come my way,I can only hope it brings me this feeling of absolute contentment,the way this music has.
Thank you,for having a falsetto and for bringing our dreams to us.

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