Tuesday, July 24, 2007

you pierce my skin
like a mosquito enranged
and suck on my soul
till your blood is satiated.

Monday, July 16, 2007

In a perfect world,they will acknowledge my existence.

whoever you are.

I make a mannequin every night,small enough to fit the both of us on my twin-sized bed,big enough to be you.Encrypt little key-words or gestures here and there to constantly remind me that I am not alone.Kiss the invisible hand lying on top of mine just as I'm being pulled into the land of dreams.Write names in corners on white-washed walls where the only things accessible are my fingertips.As callous and indifferent I have become to things,know that I am always there.I will always be sitting somewhere innocuously,reading or writing,and maybe even dancing.Watching you,ready to pile up matresses to ease your fall.I will always know what it feels like to have you around,although I may resist showing it on many occassions on end.It is like a picnic on the beach,where you've had so much fun that you're tired.A good,happy,God-can-kill-me-right-now-and-I-won't-even-feel-a-thing tired.Know that I will change,moreso than even I can imagine,and moments like these will become rarer and rarer.But most of importantly,know that I love you,and its truths like these that you will have to extract out of me from time to time.Unknowingly,like you have now.

Tere ishq mein,tanhaayian,behlaayian.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm excited.When the rocks dig into my feet and I ignore the pain as I run towards the water.When odd people single me out in a crowd because of my atrocious gazes.Or when I talk to a certain someone under a tree for as long as it takes to not come to a conclusion about anything.And then I'm excited about ohw accurate the music is at these meaningless high points in my life.In an instant,I could be a bluebird,or an Icelandic dialect,or even a long forgotten traditional song that reminds me I have everything I could ever have wished for,so I have no reason to complain.Love,friendship,nature,music.
And then I don't.
Thats when I'm most excited.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sandy Point

'Silver clouds aren't rainbow clouds,they're rain clouds!'Right,Zahra Khala?'

'I don't know.Maybe you should ask God'.

'God?Who's God?'

'You don't know who God is?'



Monday, July 02, 2007

I love how formal we are.
its insanely unreal.

thank you.
good luck.
its been nice.