Friday, October 05, 2007


Its the little things in life that make us do terribly maigcal deeds.No matter who you are,you never forget who you were.This is not about turning a new leaf every time you hear a song that moves you,its about life reminding you to keep the old one somewhere so it can't hide.I threw my bag down and glared at him,and he glared back,his eyes as big as his head.And then the shouting began and all of a sudden I was 10 again,being shoved into a corner trying to escape this newly evolved monster.No matter what happens,where I will be,what will happen to us,he will always manage to make me cry.Always.I cry because I don't understand the unfairness of it all.How far will I be able to stretch myself till I become inelastic and deformed?How many times will my own flesh and blood storm away from me?

So this is what dying feels like.Unable to breathe,your bones popping out,you retch but nothing messy happens.Your handwriting becomes squiggly and jaggedy and you don't recognize the person in the mirror.

I wonder how I always manage to jinx myself.The second I say 'life is good',something I can't grasp with my fingertips happens.Life will always remind you that the old leaf is still right where you left it to go frolick in the plagirised version of heaven.


ManiK said...

I know there is comfort where we overlap...

theplasticpoet said...

reminds me of the song little wonders by rob thomas

Our lives are made
In these small hours
These little wonders
These twists and turns of fate
Time falls away,
But these small hours
These small hours
Still remain

Anonymous said...

your writing.
the "thought" behind your writing.
apparently also the "brain" that "thinks" of the "thought" which becomes the backdrop of your writing.
it all sucks so grievously that it surprises me why you don't implode. if i could, i would tell your mother, if you have one, to have an abortion. even now. it's never too late.

i know it's mean. i'm really sorry. but it has to be said. please stop blogging for the benefit of all humanity. or at least hide your blog somewhere where people like me...who have taste and an aesthetic sense, won't find it. like in your ass for instance.
please i'm really sorry. i don't want to break your heart or anything. i'm sure you're loads good at other stuff. but writing is just not your forte. please, pretty please, cease this criminal activity.

Zh. said...

ladies and gentleman,i am honored to present to you my first ever critic and possibly the person who hates me the most in the world.
dear sir.madam,
reading my blog is entirely voluntary.and i whole-heartedly agree that writing is indeed not my forte,but it is something i do because i want to.
you are most welcome not to ever visit again.

theplasticpoet said...

anonymous lies

some of the stuff here is beautiful.

and that's not criticism. that's childish blabbering.

Anonymous said...

i haven't laughed this hard in a long time.thank god for him/her/it.

ManiK said...

opinions are like assholes. everyone's got one, and, i suppose, is entitled to one. whether it's caked in shit or not, well....that is at the discretion of each respective asshole. even if it's an invisible asshole, who doesn't want to be discerned from all the other crap-caked assholes in the world. i mean, when i show off my asshole, i show it off, loud and proud. i think that's the least every honorable asshole can do, lay claim to what is rightfully it's own.

as if it wasn't bad enough that you're hiding behind the interwebs, i must say your general attitude is a bit of a letdown, despite the fact that, all guesswork aside, you're a completely random fucking stranger on the internet. your thought will be the death of the development of this aesthetic sense you speak of, so i find it odd you cite aesthetics as a reason for this blog to not exist. da fucking vinci wasn't born with a palette and a paintbrush in his hand, nor tolkien with an ink blotter and a fountain pen.

like the lady said, A) reading her blog is completley voluntary, and B) the fact that it's on a public platform on the fucking internet means that you don't HAVE TO sit on the fucking website if you don't want to. sugarcoat this with the fact that you don't have the bravado to bare your asshole so we can see where your shit flows from, simply reeks to me of someone who has too much time on their hands, not enough courage to stand by what they have to say, and nothing concrete to back up any/all opinion(s) they seem to think is/are validated by their coy, faux-witted attitude to someone who is trying, at the very least TRYING, to improve her own command of ethics.

Kind Sir/Madam/Thingummybob. Go get fucked sideways by some black guy dressed in pink with the worst case ever of genital herpes. i'd say syphillis, but you seem like you're on the insanity stage of THAT disease anyfuckingways.

while i'm at it...Taking a jibe at someone's mom? that's so.....19th century. then again, so is your mom, most probably....may her soul rest in peace, your inanity notwithstanding.

And please, I implore you. the next time you do want to defecate on someone else, atleast, AT THE VERY LEAST, have the courtesy to stand by what you've said with who you are. i mean, it's not that hard, what with all the "please" and "I'm sorry" you managed to throw in the mix of all this verbal diarrhohaea you seemed to have a bout of. (and yes, i know and full well understand the irony of ME, after what seems to be the longest comment EVER, calling you out on VERBAL DIARRHOHAEA of all things.)

Cheers, dude(tte). Have a good one.

theplasticpoet said...

wow. that's long. =\

and this blog is comment moderation enabled. bravo for approving that kiddish slander.

i checked back because i KNEW there'd be a return by the masked curse-ader.

i hope this doesnt get any longer and dirtier, but yes, as mani said, 'bare your asshole'. what are you insecure about? we won't call the karma police on you.

the world doesn't run to please just your sorry ass you know?

Anonymous said...

oscar fuckin' wilde here: did the dominant/submissive relationship with your mother - your pass.-aggress. syntax reveals it - ever end? or are you still desperately outrunning the shadow of her pleated skirt, her saggy, water-balloon breasts, the brown pigmentation that slowly overcame the pink in her aureoles?
Could you never say, "stop, mommy?"

or are you so fucking childish you confuse anonymity with security? children do that. children hide and then shout "i'm not here." you tasteless crackpot. go on, reveal your name. my name's hassan. ramble here again and i will enjoy tearing the asshole you covertly spew forth your meaningless garb. from, a twin.

Anonymous said...

"thank god for him/her/it"...the sexual trifecta. 6-1 its what you screamed when you came inside your mom.

Zh. said...


thank you everyone.

Akber Ali said...


you want aesthetics? i have delivered.