Saturday, January 19, 2008

Konami code

Yes,I hide.Yes,I don't want to do this anymore.Yes,I will be 'that' girl,I'll be an outcast,I'll the girl who regrets about everything she had and everything she lost to gain,in essence,nothing at all.Maybe a tall white chocolate mocha frappucino.Maybe I'm bored and maybe we're just into this so so deep that there's no way of digging out.Now I know how F feels (if he felt this way at all).If I gave you what you want,that would mean I'd have to give up what I want.That could range from living in a van,to living on Upper East Side,to swimming with penguins in the Great Salt Lake to sitting in the snow in boy shorts.There are endless possibilities to what grown-ups do to distract themselves.

This could be the best or the worst thing in my life.This could take me back to square one,or help me get out of it.Sure I won't be able to talk to him about the same books,or the same music or the way I feel when clouds descend on Heathcote.But it'll be different.And thats what I need.Maybe you're right.Maybe this is all too simple.

current mood:weird fishes/arpeggi-radiohead

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