Thursday, February 28, 2008


my 'new music' consists of a lot of popping sounds.they're not soothing,they're not 'hmm,let me instantly put everything down and think',but they're different.the bed is close enough to the window for me to jump out and no one would know.i got yelled at today for hurting so much,and i thought,am i really still hurting?a week later?then i thought 'i have bursts of hurt'.i love and then hate,hate,hate,then love,love,love and do something spontaneous then hate,hate,hate myself for doing it,but it cant be i'm just going to sit here and mope about it.unfortunately for us,i will always love you,but in a very weird and twisted way.i will love you when i need you and then drop you when something even remotely better comes along.the cycle is playing in my mind already.everyone involved will be nicely fucked up and then we'll get together and play in a five guitar band with no audience.
the bag and the dress and the bohemian chic lifestyle are in full swing.
i promise things will get better if you just listen.

If you take me then you'll get relief
Relief, relief, relief, relief, relief

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