Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bold takes initiative

Everyone seems to think I'm incredibly happy.
'Your eyes are bigger,brighter'.
Is it you,or the fact that I've made an inevitable decision early on?A quiet sort of resignation to life.
I'm turning into my mother.
Round tufts of grass.
Traveling without moving an inch.

I wonder how many boxes my stuff will fit into.I will finally be leaving!Independent enough to choose whatever laundry detergent my heart desires.A Katherine Mansfield of sorts.Hmm.The wall must come down I suppose.All the precious images that have boldly watched me in the darkest hours of day and night.Not sure whether I should take the piano along.The mirror most definitely yes.Colors shall change though.Only 2,maybe 3 bedsheets.Air mattresses and sleeping bags for unexpected and sometimes unwelcome guests.A big closet is a must,otherwise I will have to fold my clothes into very tiny rectangles.The Vietnamese girls will stay,and the books, and the drawer full of sweets.*sigh*.

I think...I hope,the bigness and brightness are here to stay.Whatever the reason may be,lets not think about that right now.I love you,but this isn't over.I'm sticking to my every word,and you'd be surprised at what a magnificent liar I am.

current mood: Optimistic-Radiohead

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ManiK said...

i love you, and that'll never be over.