Friday, April 04, 2008

Ambition is waking up at 6:30am on a misty,41 F Friday,saying 'fuck school' and taking all necessary steps to immortalize said statement for the next 4 hours and 10 minutes.The problem that intervened was that an exam had to be dropped off either before or after.I decided before,so I wrote a plain note explaining how my uterus couldn't care less for the 18th century Industrial Revolution thus I could not attend class today.Are you fucking kidding me?Thats not what I wrote.I said my dad was in the hospital,in actuality meaning he was sleeping peacefully under his pristine yellow sheet in his 'hospital-like' bed.
I'll be honest with you, I thought about changing,I really did.But then it occurred to me that I might actually become awake and lose my present state of half-asleep,half-not,so I decided against it.I grabbed my coat and that was that.It was only when I was halfway there that I noticed how intolerably pathetic this all was,and just for a few extra hours of bed rest?No matter,my uterus says,I shall reward you by staying calm today.That promise is enough to keep me going for another good hour if I have to,so I carry on.I park in the 15 minute parking and slam my car door.The parking lot seems to be empty,but there are always those early bird ass-kissers wandering around.And sure enough,there's someone sitting in class as I walk in.I'm thinking in my head..'Wtf man,there's half an hour to go before anyone even thinks about showing up.'But I approach fat man in a proper way,asking him to kindly inform the teacher that a girl was here and that in case the moron doesn't see it,I left my exam on the right hand corner of the table.He does the semi-wave,semi-i-have-no-idea-wtf-just-happened and I leave.
Its funny,I think as I walk to my car.If anyone so much as happened to see me/recognize me I wonder what they'd say.Bra-less,eye contacts-less,pjs don't match,hair disheveled.I'm limping because I have a leftover cramp in my right thigh from my wonderful sleeping position last night and my socks are too big for the half slippers I chose to wear.
And then I think,meh.I'm not your average Jill and Joe anyway so I think it doesn't matter.

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