Sunday, April 13, 2008

When I told Abdul that my dreams were funny enough to keep me distracted from real life,I meant it.I followed him in Macy's with his wife and two kids, who turns out to be his sister and two kids.He spots me, but I look around for Lucky Brand stuff.As he's leaving,he hesitates and comes to me.
'You should call me'.I say the same thing.
'Oh right,you're here,right?'.I nod.
'Does Mani have your number?'
'A lot of people have my number'
'But I'll get it from Mani', he says with a slick smile.
He writes M120 on a piece of paper and gives it to me.
Fooki and Talat aunty arrive and she wants to go look at white and yellow Coach sofas for their new house in Arlington.Been Baj says she convinced Imaad to switch his furniture with her which is why she got an amazing deal on them.I suppose I'm happy.But I'm thinking Cold Stone ice cream.
He comes back and the setting changes to a room with a dark wooden door,a dingy mirror and lots and lots of clothes.His face changes from his to Ali's to a big bald black man's with a pimply penis.I'm glad he doesn't succeed in plugging me and I realize its Dija Baji's room cuz I see children clothes.She comes in to give me my IAD pass and I fly away to Niagra Falls.

fuckin hilarious if you were in my shoes.

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