Saturday, May 17, 2008

The lure of your lips is making me stoop to new lows.
Bravo for lack of good judgment.

lacey + lynnie= remarkably good day.
bbq tomm.
throat still hurts,and now I'm breaking out because of the pollution. I need a teaspoon of honey and a red bull. My body has very much not recovered from the horror of working back to back doubles.And wow,do I need to do something about my face.

I've let him go, literally kicked him out.I let him go the second he told me about her.
But he keeps coming back like a sick puppy.
And I hate animals.Hate.
Whenever I hear Leona Lewis all I think about is how she nearly bled to death for him. I understand it was a very stupid and emo way of getting attention but she got what she wanted. She wanted to 'haunt' us forever, and she's there. Maybe she doesn't 'mean' anything to him that he 'hates' her, but not a second goes by without me thinking 'hmm.wonder what she's up to now'.And I just don't buy the fact that he doesn't talk to her anymore. They have all the same friends, they like the same kinds of music, they're both so very artistic.

But enough about that I suppose.
Everyone's so sick of this little triangle.
Time to suck on a dick.

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