Wednesday, May 14, 2008

so me and fooki had a talk today.after so long even.
after coming to the conclusion that i was the one who fucked up this relationship more than you,we figured we were running around in circles.this is why-

3rd February 2008.10:1 pm:
We were in bed.
He turned and said to me "I doubt you'll find someone who is as concerned about you as I am right now."
I paused, looked at the ceiling and took one deep breath

"Don't ever say that..

Concerned? You, you have someone you love to return to as soon as this sweet holiday is over. I, I have only my own feet to fall back on. If there is no one else but you who loves me not, then I be damned and forever lonely. Don't ever ever say that again. I fight tooth and nail to leave my emotions outside your door.

Don't tease.

Invite me only when you have room in your heart."

You had room in your heart. You have room in your heart, for all of them.
You have treated them all like you have treated me.
The same words,the same positions,probably the same kiss even.
You can keep it,all of it,all of them. I want none of it.

And you, who are pretending to be strong and pretending to not have anything to do with this anymore, beware that you are glass. And that you reflect your light to make the world shine.The beautiful reflection comes with a dangerous price.

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