Friday, May 30, 2008

summer juicy

Almost lunch time.Good. I like lunch. I also like sleep but given the size of my current accomodation,it doesn't seem too much of an option. Looked through pictures,deleting unnecessary one. There weren't many of those, probably pertaining to the fact that unnecessary ones become necessary. Abdul being the absolute sweetheart he is let me use his camera for band rehearsal.Their chemistry is amusing to watch. A compact room doesn't help photography much, but it was altogether a delightful evening. Dave is super sleek and super cute. Andy,focused and driven. Mark is calculable and Mani? Attentive brooder. 'Did they find the treasure?'=)

I'll sort of refrain from talking about what I really kind of want to talk about till I at least get my ass off the English Peninsula. I know baby won't be too pleased about it. And anyway we're getting married and raising 4 children all over the world and none of this will ever need to happen again. It never would have existed.

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