Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zahra had a diagonal time

I the monster I've become.I did not mean for it to end like this, I have never been mean to anyone. Not to this extent. Oh well, I suppose? Not that I knew any of these people particularly well, nor will I get a chance to know them and not that it matters anymore. I do not feel responsible for anyone but you.

I am sorry it had to come to this.
For your sake, I am sorry.


Dreaminglass said...

Don't be.

Nadine said...

Don't fucking flatter yourself bitch. Monster doesn't even fucking cut it. Oh. And pray you don't die. Really. Pray. Hell would spit you out in a heartbeat lest it get indigestion from your putrid bitterness. In fact, that's probably how you landed on earth although what we did to deserve having you exist on our planet is beyond my comprehension. You shouldn't exist. No one so foul should be allowed to breathe our air. I am ashamed that I live on the same planet as you. It makes me feel tainted.

P.S.: Please learn English or get someone who does speak English to edit your posts before you even THINK about dissing anyone. Oh. And you might want to check a dictionary if any of my words are unclear. I really do want you to understand every single word.

P.P.S.: Random yes. Artistic? You disgrace the word by even thinking it. I'm not even going to discuss your misuse of love child since you obviously don't understand English. Please go into accounting or something as boring and don't touch the creative sphere with a 100 foot pole. You're pitiful excuse for poetry stinks and reeks of self-pity with no art whatsoever. Speaking of which. Your paintings would make my baby cousins laugh. Good job.

So. I hate casting pearls at swine but this had to be said.

Zh. said...

go ahead.
i am not a coward.
i wished ill for someone and damn proud i did.
at least i'm not like your little friend.i won't delete your comment.

nyc mein mil mujh se! said...

'You're pitiful excuse for poetry stinks and reeks of self-pity with no art whatsoever.'

so let me get this clear. someone who doesn't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' is asking you, of all people, to look up a dictionary?


Dreaminglass said...

You're = you are.

Y-O-U-R = your.

Zh. said...


@ nadine said...

You just got boyed.

xRadiZ said...

for as much as you hate zahra you flatter her by taking the time to write a response so eloquent....

i wouldn't have thought you would have cared so much