Monday, June 02, 2008

death by nailpolish

people are funny.
this whole esther situation is getting to be extremely funny.
anyhoo,nuff bout that.

lynnie+saira+saag+new bike+white eyeliner.
what an absolutely marvelous day!
took loads of pictures of the new place, can't wait for George to get there, hop about:).
what else?
wore my shirt inside out.
dreamed about Radiohead at Leicester Square.
ate like a mofo on fire, London really starved me.
planned out London,Germany and D.C.

kal ki kis ko khabar,janay jana
rok lo,aaj ki raat ko.


theplasticpoet said...

yay germany

my destination of choice this summer

Zh. said...

good on you!

solareclipse said...

I need to study for tom's literature exam instead of going through your blog archives.

germany's cool

Ali said...

german girls are HOT. Went there with dad on a busiess trip a few years back.

I want tickets.

Call me Gunther said...

I only get Canada...woh bhi if I get time off from work

Opinionated Jaahil said...

My bestfriend wants to live in Germany.
She's OCD-ish about Germany, and I don't mention it in front of her because she turns into a lunatic.