Sunday, July 20, 2008


I hate thinking about it. But its very hard to not think about when I'm pmsing and my uterus will take any excuse to get angry. I'm sorry, but I guess a tiny portion of me will never forgive, never forget.

I think about you even when I'm with you. I wonder what you're thinking about when you're shaving and not looking at me? Are you thinking of me too? I'm standing right behind you in the mirror, you know. Wondering what you're thinking. Fact is, when we're together, there's nobody else, and when we're not, its like nothings even there.

I cried less during the movie this time, but I'd... I don't know. Sometimes I'm so angry I could kill someone. One person in particular.

Also, I've realized I'm not that good of a writer. I don't have motive or thought. The drive to move people has fizzled and faded. I pretty much suck at everything now.


Anonymous said...

You're too emotional.

Just a thought. Your lovelife should stay within the walls of your room.

Either you grow up, and get over whatever he did. LDRs are hard, and everyone in LDRs end up doing what he did.
Face it. Get over it. Stop whining.
Or you dump him. Hmm?

Anonymous said...

"I pretty much suck at everything now."

Don't worry. We all feel like that someetimes.

Call me Gunther said...

It takes time. It's also difficult. And such things are never instant. But try to keep a cool head =)

Ali said...

what's an LDR?

Stay emotional. It's what makes up human :)

Just dont forget to use your brain when it counts. ;)

What did he do, btw?

Anonymous said...

long distance relationships.

Tinuviel said...

Ouch man.
Anonymous 1, that was quite harsh.

LDR means Long Distance Relationship. You guys will figure things out, don't worry.

Dreaminglass said...

$1 = change?

LDR = Long Distance Relationship, yes?

You say your drive "to move people" has fizzled and faded. let's hope it's not you who's "fizzling and fading"...

And you are your own worst critic. Which is why it's the best and the worst thing to listen to yourself.

Anonymous said...

go fuck yourself. and let your boyfriend fuck other people. maybe you'll feel better?