Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I came early to people-watch.My uniform is hideously huge, but I decided to wear it anyway. Today, I feel like looking ugly.I feel like going to Spain. Or Germany. Before this blessing is over at least.

Mom and Dad are going to Toronto in the morning. Hopefully they don't throw each other off the plane.No,I'm kidding,they've been behaving extra ordinarily nice to each other. Maybe they're growing up? With their first kid off to college and being in the process of buying a better house,I suppose you have to.

I keep telling everyone I know,they're wonderful people, just not when they're together.They both realize and acknowledge their faults and miraculously do nothing about them.I don't understand why its like that,not just with them but my whole family. 'Ooh, look, a problem. Lets play 'pretend its not there'. Its like that ad 'Ignoring global warming won't make it go away'.
Like why is everyone still mad at S phupho? So what if her daughter married a Hindu, big fucking whoop. Maybe he'll keep her happier than a Muslim man ever would have. And I mean, sure, S phupho needs to stop complaining that no one really 'participated'. 'Meri beti ke liye dholki nahin rakhi aur Aliyah ke betay ke liye rakhi thi, tou that means no one loves me,tou marr jao saray'. Bhai.Yaar. And K uncle blaming Mom for something that is entirely his fault, something he should've taken care of 10-20 years ago.But no. We all need someone to blame. Like how its always N chachi's fault just because she really doesn't have balls to stand up to anyone, let alone her own children. Or how B uncle's kids are the stupidest human beings alive just because he's the worst parent ever.Like anyone's ever a good parent. Like a good,good parent. If your child turns out decent, you're lucky. If not, oh well. Its not like anyone knows how to raise a child. Its not something you go to school for, pay thousands of dollars to get better at. And if you have your own parent as a 'teacher',well good luck then too. No offence, I bet yours are amazing.I don't even know what I'm trying to get at. Buss yahan ye faida hai ke you can stay away from the drama if you choose to. Sure,they'll bother you about it,but what more can they do?

I suppose its slightly better than snipping and tearing the problem apart, like Mom's family does back home. 'Baby khala ne ye kaha,tou Maham kitni batameez hai, tou haw hai, khandaan ka naam barbaad ho gaya'. Honestly its what I ran away from. From the whole 'Iss ki shadi karwa do;why does she go out so much? khandaan mein aur koi larki tou itni social nahin hai. Kya beta, Literature parhna hai? Woh tou beta aap waisay bhi kitabein parh ke dil khush kar lo apna, ye koi profession thori hua. Aur waisay bhi tum jawan ho gayi ho,tumhari shadi ho jani chahiye. Don't you feel left out, baki sari friends ki shaadiyan ho rahi hai? No, it means more dancing and eventually more meat for me.Aur haan, shadi ke faurann baad bacha paida kar lena, you don't understand, aurat bohot nazuk hoti hai, and past 25 years tou waisay bhi bachay nahin paida karne chahiyein.Chalo jee,meri tou sari life set ho gayi hai.Thank you so much.Array meri jaan, no problem,what else is family for?

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Blah blah blah x 30.

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Opinionated Jaahil said...

I go through the same thing with no escape visible. The not going out, the shaadi crap, the strange fat aunts who act like they care.

Call me Gunther said...

Holy shit! That sounds so much like my family, it's scary. Your dad's side sounds so much like mine and even your mom's!
My taya's son married a hindu girl and everyone had a cow. He also complained about how no one did anything for his son. He still complains.
I had to hear the SAME EXACT thing when I decided to major in english lit. I have to hear the same shit when a friend or an acquaintance gets married.

Yeah, fucking frustrating.

El Nombre said...

Gosh, I can SO relate to this khaala, chaachi, maami crap. "Konsi class mai ho? Achaaaa. Toh tumhara shaadi ka kya plan hai?". I'm 18, just sod off!! =/.
I don't go out as much as my friends do, but I can bet you anything, my khandaan calls me an 'aapay say baahir' larki behind my back. And I have the paindoo-est cousins trying to get it on with me. They live in their own world man. Smile at 'em once and they'll start imagining you as their beewi-forever. Cousin marriage = so wrong.
Damn. Must eliminate these saas-bhi-kabhi-bahooes.

Anonymous said...

Woman Against Cousin-, Kin-, or Job-Oriented Betrothals unite!
You have nothing to lose except your petalled freedom.
Lo, and thus a troll did roam amongst them.
RJ :/