Wednesday, July 23, 2008

anonymous people always seem to have the strongest sense of opinion.too bad they're anonymous, otherwise who knows? maybe their opinions would count in the real world.

(refer to comments on recent posts)


Tinuviel said...

Can't beat the Slipknot stalker I have on my blog.

He seems to love my emo-ness. I think it turns him on. Haye. Aaj kal ke besharam bachey.

Call me Gunther said...

haha when I saw one of those, I was like "damn iski gaand main kisnay mirchi daal di?"
I swear that's rapidly becoming my favorite phrase now.

Anonymous said...

I still think he deserves someone much better, bitch.

Anonymous said...

French letters & small quiddities,
Public humiliation is a mild penalty for these anon. posters. Who do they think they are? More importantly, who do they think we are? and who do we think they are? do their knuckles drag when they walk? is sentence-formation roughly in the same league of difficulty as sustaining an LDR for them? is their fondness for abbreviations a clue, perhaps, to a shortened member? are they white? black? brown? soft vermillion with shades of chaffinch blue? perhaps the most we can glean about these strangers in the night (do-be-do) is the fact that, on the night of the 13th of June last year, I knew their mother carnally, and she was rubbish. that it was akin to engaging in foreplay with a horse's behind remains, mercifully, locked in the unconscious memories of

anon. s. bousch

Zh. said...

honey, I'm pretty sure its not you.

and anon 2= :)

Asfandyar said...

why don't you just turn off the anon comments? I think there are themes on blogger that either allow you to moderate comments or use any other blog account (wordpress etc) than just post anonymously. would save you the hassle of reading childish bile..

Asfandyar said...

ahahahaha. you've already got comment moderation :P sorry!

PR said...

I think anons are amusing.

Saint Gut-Free. said...

issey ko apnay LDR's bhund mein ley ley bhenchod. Yeh kon hai itna faarigh, Zahra?? Woh chapti? bhen di lun na ho tow.

Ali said...

Life is boring. I could use an anonymous stalker too. Can i borrow one?

I was talking to a good friend a few days ago. She's of the opinion that if you took a group of moderately attractive desi grls, put the, in bikinis around a pool and injected guys into the situation, the guys would ogle teh grls for a few years but eventually get out of it. The girls, however, would ogle each other for eternity. I've been noticing, that she might actually be right.

No one most pakistani women are paranoid and most guys suffer from A.D.D.

'Scuse me. I'm going to make a scene so people will notice me. :) buhbye

Tazeen said...


it is the anonymity that gives them the strength to form scathing opinions. Very few takes up the responsibility of forming intlligent and informed opinions as it takes time and effort