Saturday, July 05, 2008

A true Hippie

I understand drugs now.Not fully,nor do I intend to go that way,but my god,what an amazing first experience.The first 10 minutes felt like I was dying, or being killed. Poor Lynn and Peech, kept giving me water and I kept throwing it back at them,the trash can was my best friend.After the roller coaster ended though (literally I say myself enjoying death)it was the best feeling in the world.

Lynn took me upstairs after all of Fooki's friends had a really good laugh (I laughed with them,a bit too much) and lay me down on the couch. Brandon sweetheart knew how much I love 'In Rainbows' so he put his Mac next to me so I could hear it despite so many people being there.
Every single song brought around a different imagery. I was literally In Rainbows, falling feet first downside up into a Technicolor sky.In one song, everyone was kissing each other.In another, my body became a wave of water, and so on and so forth.Another one was so powerful, so physically moving that I actually felt M's penis inside me.I mean,what the fuck man,thats what I want to feel like all the time.

At one point I tried to touch the music and it felt liquid glittery.Explain that to me?That kind of feeling isn't remotely possible in real life.Then Bran put on MGMT (how does he know these things) and I started dancing mad crazy to 'Electric Feel'. God,I did feel electric.

When I got the 'munchies' (high school terminology for being really hungry.refer to it was so hard but so fun to eat!I got 'cotton mouth' (again, and chewed on one chip for about 10 minutes. And then started laughing about it. Lynn said I got slightly creepy in between and would yell stuff like 'dragons!' and 'hot bitch!' and laugh like a maniac. Fooki's friends would come up to say hi to me and I would cover my face before shaking their hand cuz I mean, it was fucking embarrassing but hilarious at the same time.

What else?Alligators,pink elephants,lots and lots and lots of color. I wish I'd drawn whatever I was seeing,or write whatever I was thinking, I'd have come up with something awesome like music or kryptonite.Fuck.


Anonymous said...


Zh. said...

apologies for being anti-Word.

Opinionated Jaahil said...

It bothers her.
Grammar OCD.=D
what did you try anyway?=\ i'd like to see rainbows too...

Anonymous said...


Zh. said...

some like,high grade weed man

Saint Gut-Free. said...

THAT SOUNDED LIKE AN ACID TRIP YAAR.bhenchod, mujhay bhee yeh shit pilao. gober hash pi pi kay thak gai hun.