Friday, November 14, 2008


God is going to help now because
a) He has to
b)no one else will/ is capable
So much for groceries.
With wet shoes and sensations of failure in my heart, I walk home.By this point in time I don't even care how far it is, as long as I can just hide.My blood is bored of running in my veins, it just wants to run amock.

He turns his face upside down to look at her, see her laughing at his expense. She giggles and continues to pick at the leaves off the bush, her idle hands itching for something to do as her heart sinks. They are both talking, about nothing in particular, but about everything else. He teases her with words he knows will sting her; she is laughing through her pain. Laughing through it all. Laughing out loud even. She knows hope always takes a turn for the worst, but she also knows that this isn't the worst. Shit happens, right? Its ok. Let him stab me with his sweet gesticulations, I will survive. They talk some more, about blondes and Gucci bags and it all boils down to what an asshole he really is, and why the hell is she putting up with this anyway? There is a boy, somewhere out there, who loves her like she was hazlenut chocolate wrapped in golden paper. A boy who'd be able to tell the difference between the tears and the rain on her face.
'So we're cool right?'
' Friends?'
' Yes,thank you'
' Well, good luck'
' You too'
He turns and runs as fast as he can. He knows if he stops, he won't be able to walk away from her ever again.
She stands, watching him fade in the distance.
Jao, tumhe azaad kiya. Tum bhi kya yaad karo ge.


Eeda said...

reminds me of an (emo) song.

o im gnna bruise u..o u will be my bruise.'
word of ur body, spring awakening.
-end emoness-

Mera naam chun chun said...

"My blood is bored of running in my veins, it just wants to run amock."
Hahahaha, marvellously put.

I like.

Marina said...

Beautifully captured. It's so...familiar. Real. =]