Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Let me fall into your hug.
Let me crash into your crooked nose.
Let me be your beginning and your anti-climax.
Let me the words that jump off your page and choose to imprint themselves in your memory.
Let me be the hum that gracefully, clumsily escapes your lips.
Let me smooth the lines on your forehead.
Let me be the distance you yearn to cross.
Let me be the tingle on your fingertips on a frost-bitten morning.

Let me be the vanilla in your smoky sky.


Marina said...

I loooove. Very nice.
Now as a side note. If you crashed into his crooked nose, wouldn't that:
a. HURT?
b. make it crookedER? =D

Anonymous said...

I really like this!

Zh. said...

marina: hahaha!
a)yes.thats the whole point.
b)what do you think made it crooked in the first place?:D

Marina said...

HAYE =D I am liking the reasoning. =D

Dreaminglass said...

If she did crash into his nose, I don't think he'd mind the hurt. Just so long as she did crash into HIS nose...knowwamsayn?