Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Running down West Avenue in a pink dress and flip flops.

God has a funny way of saying ' Go to class, child'.
A funny way of handing you life for a day and then taking it back. Things collide at 4:38 am that people may or may not remember 10 years from now. They may not remember how they made me feel, how I made them feel, how we became us and us became them. The curtains decieve me in the night and become my worst nightmares.
I took 82 anonymous pictures today.
None of them significant, yet...

Pick me up through a puddle and show me things I cannot see.
Push the hair back from my face and stop staring at my pimple.
Look at me in the eye and tell me what words cannot explain.
Play my favorite song on my favorite instrument.
Sit with me in secret corridors and oh how I wish things could stay more or less the same.
Or completely different.

Is it possible, to survive without the people we know?
Is it possible, to laugh still, to put the world on hold?
Wait, world, let me let it out for once. Positively, for once.
I like this little content bubble you've thrown me into.
Let me float in it a little longer, for once.

I've lost so many things to the monsters under my bed that I'm not even surprised when they turn up once in a random moon.


xRadiZ said...

then we come to realize those moments no one ever thought significant enough to remember for the long term begin to define our characters and shape our thoughts.

life in its curious matrix.

pluto88 said...

The last few words meant something to me, and I'm going through something tediously awful. SO thanks, I'll say. Cheers.

Marina said...

you took me back in time and it wasn't a half bad trip =]

Abbas said...

Yuppp.....we can survive without the people we know and love...... find someone else to love. X)