Saturday, December 27, 2008

what does it take to find a lost love?

Maybe I'm too emotional for a 22 year old, but something happened today that has never happened before. The sound of the sitar made me cry.
How is it that everything in your life...every memory of peace and happiness and loss and betrayal..all encompass one person? How is it that all you have to do is look at this person and you just know...that jumping off a building is no feat. Bursting out of your skin is no feat. no feat. How is it...that she is all he wants? Every moving muscle in his body moves knowing that she is alive..and well could go backwards in slow motion and all he would want would be her. From the moment he saw her standing in a corner, to the moment they've grown and become different halves of one self.
There is a note that plays in my head every time I see you. It bubbles inside me like a frothy warm drink. It fills my mind with color on a gray day. It tells me that no matter what we've been through, no matter how many times the seasons change, no matter where we end will run after me with blind viciousness when they are taking me away.


Marina said...

Beautiful writing =]

Anonymous said...

Poignant and potent words. Sheer Poetry. Brilliant piece.

neeli said...

gime your email address i haven't added you on my blog thingamy.

Zh. said...


neeli: how?

Zh. said...

ok i've added you on msn and g-chat.