Friday, January 09, 2009

for saph

she collects the hair that falls off his jacket as he takes it off.all she ever wanted was to be released in his locked love.
the time between now and then is forever...and forever was ours ages ago.
she will slip into something sublime, as he slips away into misery, and they'll eventually live happily ever after. like stepped-on rose petals.


Dreaminglass said...

Sapphires are awesome.


Marina said...

'like stepped-on rose petals'.

insiyasyed said...

isn't she gorgeous? this saph. is.

Ali said...

loved it all. Especially the end.

Tinuviel and Gunther are hidden from me. Can't read there blogs. Eeda has disappeared. I'm so lonely. :-(

Zh. said...

its the winter :(
where the hell is gunther? good question.

French Vanilla said...

how i love you. :)

Marina said...

Where are you woman?
Yes, it's my distorted way of saying I miss reading your blog.