Wednesday, February 04, 2009

iiiiiiiii am soooooooooooo tireddddddddddd

definitely in need of more consistency.
one constant : the mother, and thank GOD for that.
so i'm stressing out too much and because of that, breaking out too much, and not really getting much done, it may SEEM like i'm smart? but i'm not really. most of the times i know what i'm on about, but most of the times its a lot of made-up, eavesdropped stuff.
this whole double major thing seemed like an amazing idea, but now the confidence and the ambition is waning so now i'm kinda I LOVE IT SO MUCH. its unbelieveable!
i love being swamped and being poor and not having time to eat and carrying 17.5 lbs on my back and having so much to do and still finding the time in between to hang out with people i find mildly interesting/influencing or people who just smell nice and then going out and buying princess-shaped spaghetti o's.


Opinionated Jaahil said...

Hahaha I think your life is very fun. =D
I can't say I know the feeling of being swamped by as much work as you have, but as much as I have to do seems too much. But it's fun, so I get what you're saying=D
Mommies are awesome<3
I want princess shaped spaghetti-o's too=(

Anonymous said...

:) Mothers are a good constant to have..wonderful and comforting. The rest of your rant,was exhilarating. Fun and truthful.:P

Ali said...

I miss the days when I was swamped. :-) 23 credit hours worth of courses, a student society to run (as el presidente) and a part time job.

Ended up with a 3.6 gpa, offer to stay on as a permanent employee at work (in a managerial position!) and being reappointed president.

The time when I wasnt doingsnything except. A total of 7 credit hours worth of courses, I ended up getting a 2.7 Gpa. Funny much?

Ali said...

alan shore I'd one if the main characters on the show 'boston legal' he is the master of verbal Kung fu.

Marina said...

I tried to comment on this four times. By now I've lost what I wanted to say. So yes, I was here, I read it, I liked it, write more. =D