Wednesday, March 04, 2009

quantum dots

Shiny shoes and funky buttons won't really get you anywhere in life, mister. She fans her disease-ridden face, a master at one-liners. The bracelet that is meant to ward off the evil eye had a pretty static effect. Her gaze is fixated on the dry gum some idiot very idiotically stuck on the side of her table. In, then out of focus. Textured, then blurry pink. 'Fudgesicles' she says to no one in particular. Sound waves carry words only she can hear. Spring time sprouts to bring folksy melodies and husky voices that make way too much sense to her confounded senses.
Forget those distances
Those helpless nights
For I am here now.

current mood: Venn Diagram- Lisa Hannigan


raheel said...

" 'Fudgesicles' "

adorable.what u wrote ie. except for the last three lines.its strange how an affirmation of their weakness empowers/delights certian individuals of ...what should i say .. milder disposition?, otherwise why spoil the mad trip of funky buttons with grey-tinged cliched " helpless nights" ?

nyho, nice place.

Zh. said...

its almost always necessary to write something everyone can relate to, no matter how bland/cliched.
thanks otherwise.

Anonymous said...

No eye, evil or any other kind, sees you as you see yourself.
If you can see yourself, that is.