Sunday, April 19, 2009

you could say the king is dead

I have a Radiohead poster in my room. All five men are standing in a dark room full of damp cardboard boxes, and their eyes are closed. I don't know what exactly they are trying to say but I extend my imagination into thinking 'Well, now. What a good way to shut out the world'.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the colliding thoughts in my head that I can do nothing but cry. And sometimes it makes me glad to know that crying is associated with sadness. There is nothing I can do, to change anything.
So I just sway to my music.


Ubaid said...

try listening to The guradian angel by the red jumpsuit appratus !!

Zh. said...

i don't do mainstream music, sorry.

Saint Gut-Free. said...

hahaha. Lupe Fiasco. Food and Liquor. Best. Album. Ever. I have new found fucking respect for hip hop. and The Cool is also pretty awesome. You'll like 'em boo.

Dreaminglass said...

A) Ouch.

B) Yes, you do. Just not a lot.

C) Listen to Errors. Or Fujiya & Miyagi. Or Interpretaciones Del Oso. Or The Poor Souls of Pompeii.

Shame? What's that?

Zh. said...

lawlz @ C