Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a day in the life

Nobody realizes how difficult rolling is for an on and off smoker. But by GOD cigarettes taste delish with Red Bull. I tried explaining to Majid that I quit smoking right after I started and the pack I bought 2 months ago is still pretty full. Oh fuuuuuuck I just burned the plastic off of something. See what I mean? Definitely on and off. So yeah. And I don't approve of it for lots of other reasons too; emphysema, yellow teeth, my lover doesn't want me to. But then I get this weird paranoia where I'm just me watching me and then I have to constantly keep my fingers busy doing something or I'll die. Like just, die. For example, went fucking ocd on my room, its spotless.
I swear this is so weird.
Could this be a divine revelation from god? Cuz I swear there's an angel standing watching me roll. I gulp my red bull nervously. Yum. Caffeine, cocaine. I took the recycling out though, good girl.

Ponder ponder ponder, I just want to write one-liners, put them in a top hat and pick them out at random to form stories. Or rows of houses that bear down on me. I opened the window and it closed on me. It always does that.

The burnt plastic made a string out of itself and its whisking away in the wind.

Unfortunately; interaction in necessary.
I'm pretty sure I'm not going through a massive heartbreak or any mental diseases, I'm just unbelievably jittery and I'm not sure I want to be here right now. I actually miss home a whole fucking lot. And I just realized, father's day is Sunday AND I'M SO EXCITED TO GO HOME. Even though my father's a pretty big...ok I'm going to refrain from going into personal life because...thats nobody's business but mine. Next question.

Omg right now I'm just thinking the train I took from London to Lincoln and how magniificent magnificent magnificent this tiny world is. I'm so so thirsty, what the hell.

I picked a magnolia flower (I've decided on a magnolia tree in my future abode) and I've been meaning to take pictures with it, but I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures period. So it wilted, for obvious reasons, and died.


Dreaminglass said...

Rolling? On and off smoker?

You are going to stop this very moment in time, and never touch any tobacco ever again.

pluto88 said...

I saw the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man whomade the grade.
I love to tuuu-uurn yoo-uuu onnn.
one of my favourite songs.

nb- said...

This tiny world really is magnificent.