Wednesday, June 17, 2009

standing inthe shadows

Kid A is a spaceship landing and humans emerging as aliens, exploring Newfoundland. They touch everything, they stare at each other from the corners of their eyes. And they talk in a mystical, computerized language. They find a crying baby. They look at each other. They throw it in the air, the baby cries. They hold it upside down, the baby cries. They jump, gravity-less, the baby cries. They hide in a cave to get away from the noise. They find underground water, it is aqua green. They dive in, helmets and all. Its a beautiful sight. Everything is illuminated here, and they wonder why the baby cries. They swim, touching, giggling. They emerge, wet and slimy, and follow the light of the sun out of the cave. It leads them to a cliff, and the crying is echoing in the valley. The helmets cannot keep them safe any longer. They finally board the spaceship, and blast off. The baby giggles at the disappearing fumes.

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