Wednesday, July 08, 2009

does 11:11am count?

Wait for it. Everything is going to spill forth momentarily. I concentrate on words such as 'Print Screen' and 'Dr.Guerny'. I am jaded, fixated. Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon. Everything is that much more relate-able right now. I feel every pore open and close, the heat generated in my face and my fingertips from the green tea I made. Looking, but not seeing anything. I am so, goddamn scared for my life. I honestly don't think I'm going to survive for very long. Does it matter, then, whether my casket is royal blue velvet, or whether I know how to ride a horse or not, whether I pick at the lint on my shirt or just leave it there? My existence is cubical. We've got heads on sticks. I'm not sure if I want to be the one doing the ordering around, then later be responsible for consequences. Turn out like Madoff, Palin, Cobain, Bhutto.
2:46 minutes into 'All I Need' makes my blood run faster in my body, and my hands clasp firmly together in prayer.


nb- said...

11.11 am counts. even 11.11 pm.

Dreaminglass said...

What do you pray for?

xRadiZ said...

the mountains you climb are only important to you in the end, when you die not very many people will care what you have done or were capable of. You're adventures in life are yours, you can choose to share them but in the end they are yours, and those adventures should only be purposed for you. Living for someone else leaves an empty purposeless exsistance in that decaying corpse. As long as you are happy at the end of the road and have not destroyed other path's in the process, that's all that matters. that is the purpose of life. The reason for life is measured in happiness.