Saturday, July 18, 2009

red lipstick afterparty

So the first ever happy hour went quite well, thankyouverymuch. Subtle coworkers spread their wings when they shed their silk ties and slip out of heels. We stood in the aqua green alley talking about Jews and Gujjus and models and stealing each others' fries. It was fun, and really nothing to blog about, but why not at the same time.
I found a bottle of Casorzo. That's in italics because people know how long I've been looking for it. Cost me $13 but its going to be goodgoodgood. refer here .
What else? Peech is back from the beach thank GOD. He is currently air-drumming to Mashuga right on my head. He is shirtless, very very dark and explaining the connection between math rock and metal.
This weekend will be good for unwinding and thinking.

Current mood : Orange was the color of her dress, then silk blues- Charles Mingus


Marina said...

Casorzo kia hota hai -_-

Zh. said...

click on the link dahling.

Sapphire said...

you fucking find casorzo when i leave.

Zh. said...

dude, i'll bring a bottle when i come to visist.