Sunday, August 02, 2009

suits and ties and suicides

The universe is emotionless. On one such emotionless night, the sky was in a particularly playful mood. Clouds gathered like thick, cramped puffs of silver smoke in a sky-shaped blanket, and they decided to move in a horizontal fashion to fuck with the minds of mortals that like to gaze up from time to time. One such mortal, a distinctly dreamy, holes-in-her-soul type, gazed up like everyone else, but unlike everyone else, was caught in the silver linings. She threw down her rope and fruit on the concrete and rushed to the nearest grass patch she could find. She lay there, watching the little puffs pass by, the moon peeping through them from time to time. ' Its like heaven decided to swim today', she mused at her friend. ' Oyeeee you're not supposed to lie under the open night sky like that!', her friend exclaimed. ' What? Why?', she asked. ' Souls of dead people are wandering around at this time. Its better if we don't invade their privacy by staring so intently', her friend informed. She looked at her with utter disbelief. ' Preposterous', she mumbled and let the moon shine its borrowed light on her dull skin. ' It's getting late, we have to be home now anyway', said the friend. She had already gathered the girl's rope and fruit and waited for her to get up. The girl let out a big sigh of frustration and begrudgingly followed her friend home.

Many years later, too many years later, the same sky returned. The girl, with even bigger holes in her soul than before, didn't care to glance back even once.

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