Friday, September 04, 2009


'It's not the same, love. Bending may be better than breaking, but it still fucking hurts. Let me tell you something, you there, with your penis dangling sadly in front of you. You are one of many. There are many who dream and imagine and hope that this is it, their chase has ended, I am what they think they want for the rest of their lives. They look forward to waking up every morning so they can stare at my bare ass and praise the Lord as to how 'lucky' they think they are. They conjure healthy households with intelligent conversations and late nights with lots of fucking. They think this is it, because they've been programmed to think this is it. They're ready to yell at balconies to the pretty maiden occupying it, they're ready to cross the distance of 2 hours or a plane flight of 8, because everyone is so used to getting what they want. Their penis is so used to getting what it wants. Their heart is trapped inside that little one-eyed snake's head, and mine is strapped onto my sleeve, outside my body, bleeding but it never stops beating, the sonofabitch. You know, love, if the heart wasn't involved, for me at least, things would have been different. Maybe. Who knows. One can never preach or talk about things they don't know. I'm just really tired of this constant cuddling with insignificant strangers. In the end, it's pretty much all about how much I hate sleeping alone, and how much I love dancing, and how much I want to stop looking at myself from a third person's perspective and just accept the fact that I deserve to be happy. Hell, everyone deserves to be happy, even those penis-clad assholes. Contrary to popular belief, I'd just like to open my eyes one day and not spend 15 minutes of my life wondering... why.'


Zh. said...

inspired by the book 'Four Letter Word: New Love Letters'.

mehreenkasana said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Opinionated Jaahil said...