Saturday, September 19, 2009

pleurosis/blue roses

She skips up the steps, her body is lithe. Her voice is that of someone who once understood love, and now understands its consequences. Like hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. She is ardently graceful and willing to learn your language. She speaks of you; with a calm, unwaveringly hushed tone. She speaks of you as if she has solved life's greatest trivia, like how deep is the ocean really, or how high does the sycamore grow. She cares for this careful behavior, you see. Her body language is controlled and practiced, but it's in the eyes that tell the tale of her journey. It is there where you understand why love fills in strange gaps like those between our toes, and those between oceans.

'I want your flowers
like babies want God's love'

1 comment:

Annie said...

your words have magic. Every word, every metaphor,.. Even the punctuation.

Keep it up..