Thursday, October 22, 2009

convince yourself to be happy


and well, he's here throughout the week too

like he spends every other night, and then they go somewhere every weekend

i should just have a random fling for fun


....can i be there to witness it please?



my boss recommended it yesterday even

matlab keh, hadd hai




she was like, try it hira, life is so much better with sex in it

i promise you!


ugh, so not true.


hahhaa haw

why not?


sex unnecessarily complicates things.

it's like bono said: with or without you

once you have sex you're like 'shit i want this stuff ALL THE TIME'


so are you recommending global celibacy?

oh hahaha

well then


kind of like having chocolate, but you don't want just a hershey's bar for the rest of your life

so you look around for different kinds, types, flavors, concoctions.

that's where the heartbreak starts.

so then you're like 'fuck man, life was so much better without chocolate'


... now thats an analogy


ek second, copyright karne do.





Sunday, October 18, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

could you show me dear,
something I've not seen?
something infinitely interesting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i wanna be adored

i feel the shape of his very full lips kiss me on the forehead goodnight. I am asleep and alone, but my mind thinks about forgotten tree graffiti and empty bottles thrown in the ocean for other lovers to find and keep.
i have to put a lock on my brain sometimes because the Thought of you gets pretty wild.

Monday, October 12, 2009

he said

'you don't do grays well, do you? it's either black or white, or nothing'.
she nodded in earnest agreement.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

saturday lazy

you know how you lie in your room with your feet crossed on the bed and your body lying on the floor staring at the ceiling? that's how i spent the daylight part of my saturday, listening to this song on repeat. my heart was beating fast, partly because of spontaneous running in the drizzle and partly because i was thinking about you. and how this song was just an awakening in my mind, like a tiny light that grows and grows till it blinds you. it was telling me to be excited. to smile.
because there are many adventures waiting quietly for our arrival.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

this is how friends talk.

nothing....just.....i've been thinking about you...a lot...
and my tragic flaw?haha
what flaw?
i've been thinking about your skin, and your flesh...and your hair and its smell...
and your lips, and your breath....and your hips, and your legs...
even though i almost never want to kiss you?
it might upset me, but that doesn't mean I don't love you or desire you...
why do you never want to kiss me?
i said almost never =)

I'd be crazy not to follow where you lead...
so now we're all here, standing in the quicksand staring at each other, while the seasons and the leaves change, but our hearts remain the same.
so he likes you, huh?
i...i think so..
i think so too, by the way he talks.
where have you seen him talking to me?
i don't know whether to love technology or hate it.
pick one, and make that a start. and you'll eventually find where you belong on the spectrum
*shrug*. somewhere in the middle, then. oscillating according to circumstances. how much do you like him again
why the shrug.
I..don't really want to talk about it...
why not?
because it's you? duh.
I have to face the prospect of you leaving me for him.I think I have a right to know how you feel about him.
I don''s complicated, i suppose.obviously.
yeah, it obviously is.
long distance has fucked both of us up so we don't talk about it. but yes, i like him. i liked him even before i knew anything.
heh. i'm expendable then.
what do you mean?
if you CAN get him, you WILL leave me.
you asked me a question, and i answered you.

do you remember what was on my list of 5?
open discussion was last.
open communication, yes.
do you understand what I meant by open communication?
not really. you never explained it to me.
it means not hiding yourself away from the people who matter to you.that everything is there, laid out in the open. That there is no chance for deception, misunderstanding, betrayal, hurt. it helps avoid a lot of negativities.
well then.there you have you know every.single.thing about me.
do you love me or not?
i do.

but i like him.
i really. really. like him.
now what.
you say you love me.and I believe you.but I know're going to leave me for're the one who said the end, you might come back to me...but I AM going to lose're going to make me lose you.
how can you love me when you KNOW that's what i'm going to do?
because I have always loved you.I have always loved you, and now, it's all I know how to do.
it wears me out..
we're no longer kids, love. Please is not a magic word that just makes things happen.

i'll stay with you.forever.
don't mock know, you actually NEVER take me seriously.
i'm not fucking mocking you.
"fine, i'll stay with you forever?"
i'm giving you what you've always wanted.
to hell with what I i self-respect is nothing compared to the love i feel for you.
and I will stay because I respect you.
then you stay for nothing at all.
you don't stay for the happiness. you don't stay for the care and the concern, you don't stay for the affection, you don't stay for all the times I won't talk to you on the phone, but I'll dial in, you don't stay for interlocked legs, you don't stay for weekend sleep-ins, you stay....for nothing.
those things will come when the self-destruction subsides.

i see you loving him. and you love him so much.and he's the perfect man for you.he loves you too.he knows how to hold to talk to to not pull at your to walk away when you need space. he will know better than I ever hoped I would.
and all of this WILL be waste.
i wonder who's the pessimist now.
you know, people always told me relationships were about climbing. you're with someone, until you find someone better, and then you move on. I always said they were wrong. I guess the jokes are on me now.
I'm not being a pessimist.He seems more sensitive than I. More intelligent. He plays the guitar just like I do. He has a grace with words I cannot even shake my fist at. What do I have, but my devotion? And even that, he'll most probably surpass, if the other girl can be taken as an example. not that he'll need to. You won't do to him what you did to me. You'll be much more careful with him, because you'll both be fragile, in your own ways.
and all of this WILL be waste.
bed time.
disregard everything I said, huh?
no.take it to heart and cry to sleep.

You seem to not be happy with me. You seem to feel like there's something lacking. You aren't sufficiently satisfied with this relationship, it would seem. And ALL I want to do is make you happy. I want to feel loved, and nothing else. I do EVERYTHING I possibly can that I think makes you happy....and yet, i'm not meeting the please. Figure out what it is, and let me know.
what is it about them that isn't about me?
there's obviously something about you that you've stuck for so long too, love.
there's something about me. but there's something that isn't.

trying to decide what to wear
wear something smart?dress like me.
i'm wearing the grey and black striped sweater vest, my red skirt, my black suit coat and black booties.
sounds smart.

no i want to wear a dress
because my butt's big
fail. your butt is awesome. and please. are you going to the talk to show your butt to people?
the blue retro one with grey shrug and grey heels.
no. you're going to listen, and hopefully speak your mind.
umm, if my butt looks good, they're going to take me seriously.
umm, if your butt looks good, they're NOT going to take you seriously.they'll be more inclined to take you seriously if you look seriously serious.
no,no, they'll think 'wow, she knows what she's talking about AND she has a nice butt'

Monday, October 05, 2009

post-pms musings.

i'm losing control.
with people, with myself, i'm drowning deep in the folds of peril. i keep listening to sad music, keep watching my life happen and not living it. I want to give you anything you've ever wanted. I want to be there to squeeze your nose when you can't breathe. I want to be your breath.
When you die, I want to come home alone and put out the fire. I'll sit in crowded places like airport waiting areas around Christmas and candy stores around Valentine's, I'll pretend I'm waiting for you, like I'm waiting right now. My fingers will frequently misplace keys and memories and I will get used to apologizing to strangers. I will sit with old friends and let them do the talking. There will lots of wordless music.

He makes her cry then says 'Buss bhi kar do rona'.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

crazy on you.

If they ever cared to look up past the tree, they'd see her, naked in the flesh. She clutches onto her bed sheet as she stares into the purple night laced with silver clouds. Naked everywhere except for her eyes. Her eyes are fully clothed.