Saturday, October 10, 2009

saturday lazy

you know how you lie in your room with your feet crossed on the bed and your body lying on the floor staring at the ceiling? that's how i spent the daylight part of my saturday, listening to this song on repeat. my heart was beating fast, partly because of spontaneous running in the drizzle and partly because i was thinking about you. and how this song was just an awakening in my mind, like a tiny light that grows and grows till it blinds you. it was telling me to be excited. to smile.
because there are many adventures waiting quietly for our arrival.


Anonymous said...

smug bastards. Bastards!

Zh. said...

tut tut.

Dreaminglass said...

Does the smugness enhance the bastardness?

H'llo unohu. You are infinitely entertaining.

*tips hat*