Tuesday, November 17, 2009

coffee is cold

We drove late that night, later than usual and farther than we normally go. Snow Patrol was oozing the usual sappiness and we were following the car ahead of us, deeper into downtown than we thought. I was having conversations with myself, half-asleep, half-sad. The wet grass woke me up as the eleven of us walked towards the Hill overlooking the city. The view was a mix of emotions, smoke billowing from factories at 3am, orange lights turning night into day, war hero statues dancing in the dark. We had to go elsewhere for the stars. A place where even the moon didn't shine because the forest was so thick. Some of us dared to take a leap into the darkness, others complained about the need to piss real bad. The clouds descended slowly, we were unaware of them encircling us because we were so excited. Lines shot through the stratus ones, lines that indicated that we may be too late. 'At least when I said 'I love you', I slept peacefully. Even if I didn't mean it'. No one responded because no one heard me. We fought the urge to sleep even on the way back, singing along to bad rap and pathetic pop because it was so uncomfortable to doze off. 'Still looking? We're back in the city now, it's useless,' someone said to my gloomy self. I merely sighed in response. I looked till my last stair had been climbed. Nothing. 'Oh well. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't see anything. I wouldn't have known who to wish for to say fake 'I love yous' to anyway'.