Tuesday, November 24, 2009

for hub

it's ok. i'm a strong, brilliant, funny woman who broke a boy's heart, who in turn broke mine too. It's ok, i can get through this. it's not like i don't need him, he is charismatic, sincere and very intelligent. i just don't know what i'd do with myself around him, so i let him go. he had to go. he had to go, right? i can get through this, right? right. i'm a strong, brilliant, funny woman, who is now going to go make some pancakes for her baby brother.


Dreaminglass said...


Anonymous said...

I must ask: is that "dreaming Glass" or "dreaming lass"?
Don't be too hard on anyone, it bites your arse in the end. No, pancakes do not disrupt karma.
Hubbe, the eternally misspelt.

Zh. said...

you're repeating your questions, hubber dear.

Dreaminglass said...

Herr Hubbe,

I've given up pancakes for scones. Apparently, they're more cultured.

Also...Dream In Glass, but Dreaming Lass and Dreaming Glass both apply as well.


Anonymous said...

baaba beeba booba.
trillions of combinations and i came up with that.


Dreaminglass said...


Anonymous said...

You see, Kids, there's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold, and she's also sure that the iridescence of maple syrup is so superior to that tepid bumjaculate the brits call jam+scone, that she'll go right ahead and, you guessed it, buy the stairway to heaven ON THAT GUT FEELING ALONE.