Monday, December 14, 2009

home is-

-where i get to be in pjs for as long as 4 days without a care in the world.
-why i don't have to answer my cell phone/tend to my laptop, because i have the best excuse in the world.
-the smell of parathas and achaar and lots of gosht. and the opening and closing of dhakanns because i just refilled canisters with kachi daals.
-watching winter change from solid to liquid to fog and back again.
-where my health food cravings are fulfilled.
-where i actually don't have any friends.
-the number of times mother will talk about a single thing in the span of 24 hours- 72.
-where i am spoiled and then brought back down to Earth in a single minute.
-about who gets to claim the comfy leather sofa complete with cushions and blankets that is in perfect view of the television.
-about television and lots of it. (i'm addicted to Law and Order).
-trying to fix bent relationships with family our age through lots of drinking and gallivanting.
-wanting to exercise but failing miserably cuz dinner's in 3 hours and i need to pre-game for chappli kababs.
-where my fear of basements began and still prevails.
-hanging out with the only sibling till he kicks me out of his room. then writing things on his door.
-the cheesiness that is nova radio.
-where my clementines are already peeled for me.

home is where the heart belongs, even if it doesn't want to.

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Sapphire said...

and the best biryani in the world.