Tuesday, December 29, 2009

when dreams are strange but unforgettable

she was explaining to him how he just needed to listen to her. everything would be alright.

her clitoris took the shape of a perfectly smooth, glittering emerald. i don't know how, that's just how things were back then. the emerald was the center of an otherwise gold and pearl necklace and he watched in silence as she played with the green stone.

she was riding a horse, then. she was lady godiva. but there was no audience this time. just the difficult terrain of a tropical mountainforest. the horse guided itself and she was usually busy playing with her hair. they were trudging along a mountain, steep to the side and brown and green in color. that is when she came upon him. the horse paused, as did the hair-playing and she stared at his scruffy self. he was a dead pirate, but he was also hiding, and he told her how gorgeous she was. when she didn't understand, he showed her. lay her down on the grass near the eagle's nest and entered her. he covered her whole body with her golden hair, so she didn't show shame if she felt it. she kept playing with her hair and looking at him quizzically as he fulfilled his physical needs. quietly. he apologized with almost every thrust, telling her how he needed it to regain his strength and that he hoped she'd understand.

the eagle's nest was empty and the horse almost fell off the cliff.
the end.


Dreaminglass said...

this is what you call brilliant.

Zh. said...

no, no, this is what you call cocaine.

Anonymous said...

that's what she said

Anonymous said...

this is what you call a clitoris??!!?

Anonymous said...

mani, stop encouraging her loose metaphors.
Yeah i said it.

Zh. said...

oh anons. whatever would i do without you.

Call me Gunther said...

I like this.