Saturday, February 20, 2010

dinosaurs roaming the earth

Ravens dancing in the sky,
I'm the one dancing alone

Dim the lights all around
thinking it'll bring you home

Suffer,sun,suffer but shine
I'll just yawn in your light

'We' as you and me,
'we' as we.

Design the letters
on your page

so they look nothing like
they're supposed to

Double-edged swords,
my compulsive little liar

But love, you're debonair
your love is so debonair


desert eagle said...

your mind and words work in ways that fascinate me. they send me into wonder. please write a book.

Zh. said...

meri jaan, you know for a FACT how lazy/scattered i am. can't collect my thoughts in one single bottle.
book is going to nose dive and never get published :p