Friday, February 19, 2010

i write to your strings

We are naked but happy. I watch notes rise and fall in his eyes. My heart soars. He knows when I am watching him. He plays my song over and over again ( I do not know what it is called, still). Us two lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl. Him a piranha, I forever the goldfish. The music resonates in this tiny room. He sniffles. I die inside. I vow never to tire of this tune, my dreams can lay forgotten, I don't care. The mirror witnesses our ease, mirrors it for me to see. It sends a shiver through my skin. We can hold hands as we hear fireworks create explosions in the sky that are actually in our hearts.

I would very much like to kiss him right now, but I...alas.
Heh. He kisses me instead.

(for mb; i found the paper)


Anonymous said...

year after year..running over the same old ground and how we found the same old fears..

Dreaminglass said...

*mumbles something about late nights and sidewalks*