Thursday, March 25, 2010

this taste..all i ever needed, all i ever wanted.

'Quaint little big city', she thought. she was standing at the pavement of a four-way street. she would switch from being perpendicular to the main road to parallel, depending on which way the wind was blowing. she leaned against a pole. leaned off. looked this way, then that. three men stopped, pretending to be lost. 2 crackers and a nigger. they looked at her inquisitively, but she had no answers. 'is she homeless or a hooker?'. her coolly unconcerned face said they'd never be able to tell. 'she has nice hair though'. they exit, stage left. it's cold tonight, and she forgets why she wore shorts. her socks are too small and her pea-coat won't button the right way. oh well.she is listening to relatively 'new' rock in her head, but rock all the same. she looks up, star light, star bright. the clouds are moving at a wild speed. 'always late, those clouds', he had said. he doesn't say anything any more. this time a china man stops. 'she must know where this is'.
but she never has any answers.

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pinkgingerale said...

I always enjoy reading your posts :)